Descriptive Writing - Monster Match

Well of course I couldn't stop with all the monster-y goodness! We ended up matching up more monsters after we have practiced and worked more on our descriptive writing unit!  I wanted a fun activity and something to give the students an opportunity to write a short description and not an essay since this will be part of their upcoming standardized test.   So of course, we made more monsters!  Here is the previous post of how we started out our unit.

This writing was such a hit!  We used the Create a Monster website  to create monsters then used our descriptive writing skills to have students guess whose monsters was whose.  

Click on any of the pics to get this for your classroom! 

The monster pages and writing templates are all included along with a rubric, directions, and monster templates if you don't want to use the website.  Also some writing organizers to help before you start writing!

So much can be packed in for this one little activity.  When we presented to the class we thoroughly discussed how details added to our writing and what some good examples are that are classmates had.  We talked about how sensory details can be written and included. Descriptive writing essays is our "big" project this unit but this paragraph was a fun way to reinforce and practice - connecting it to previous lessons! 

Here are some samples from our class: 

I love how they turned out!  So creative and the writing shows how much we have grown in the past few weeks learning how details can add SO MUCH to our writing. 

With such an easy process of making a monster and writing - it is sure to be a hit in any classroom! 

You can also use this FREEbie I created awhile back to work on descriptive writing - what better than to use poprocks?! Click the pic to go to the download. 


  1. Do you know if the Create a Monster site still works? I couldn't find it.

    1. I also had a hard time finding where to actually make a monster. Would love to know if that part of the site still works

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