About Me


I'm Amber, a Missouri native and elementary teacher! So a little about me: 

I recently got married (7-13-13) to an amazing man! We love to laugh, have fun together, and try new things!  We lived in Minnesota this past year when I taught Kindergarten but now are moving back to Missouri.

I will be teaching 4th grade next year and am looking forward to it!

I absolutely love having fun with my students and bringing creativity into my classroom!  I graduate 5/10/14 with a Masters in Educational Technology.  I love incorporating technology and look forward to doing so next year as well!


Ha - people back home say I have an accent after less than a year!

I love to paint! Can't wait to put these in a nursery....someday!

I also am addicted to: 

- ice cream !
- Starburst jelly beans
- light hearted practical jokes
- my family!!!
- dancing in all capacities (although not formally)
- Pinterest (who isn't?!)
- office supplies (again...I blame being a teacher)

Thanks for stopping by!

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