Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to School Math (2)

Looking ahead, I wanted to start the year off with a fun activity for my upper elementary students.  I created both of these activities with my new 4th graders in mind.  They are so versatile that they would work from 3-5 with the range of math involved.

Another fun math idea for the beginning of the year was my EDITABLE Glad to Meet You: Math Style.  It is a great compliment to Monster Math About Me.

This is perfect to learn about your new school and to make students feel comfortable in their new environment!

Essentially the pack contains a 10 questions Scoot or scavenger hunt game with an answer book.  Each answer involves math about the student or the school on a 3rd-5th grade level.

With questions such as:

* How many hours until your birthday?

* How many minutes have you been in school since Kindergarten?

* How many school days till winter break?

Students' brains will be working heavily.  Some background information is necessary to be successful but the teacher can provide that to the students and they learn about the school through that information.

The answer slides are editable! (NOT the questions themselves!) so that you can customize the answers ahead of time or work them out with your students.


This does involve estimating work as well as finding the correct answer.  Measuring is a large focus mostly on time but a few other areas as well.  Students will need to be able to add, multiply, subtract, and divide on questions as they see fit.

Click any of the pictures or here if this is something you want to try in your classroom this year!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Foldable Freebie

Foldable and Interactive Notebooks are all the rage.  I created this Interactive Foldables using the Dolch Pre-Primer word list and they are perfect to start in the younger grades.  They have gone over really well because they can be used all year long!

These are essential because they cover the needed material in a variety of predictable ways.  Yes that sounds a little contradictory, but let me explain: 

* Students even in K/1 can work on these on their own after modeling only a few times. 

* you can add it to a word work station to have them complete independently 

* They cover a variety of skills including: vowels/consonants, writing, differentiating the word, using it in a simple sentence

If you want to try these out in your room before buying - check out the freebie here with 3 words! Use them and then decide if they would be of use in your classroom.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Homework Logs

Moving up to a new grade level, I felt it was important to hold my students accountable for their work and help them stay organized.   To save some money for families this year - I created these homework logs that display by the week.  I think it is easier than the parents than a nightly planner but does have some of the same features.

When I set up my room, we will have a designated location where the list of homework will be kept daily and students will be responsible for writing it on these pages in their take home folders.  

I wanted a simple layout that could be used weekly.  Assignments (self explanatory) list assignments to work on that night.  Upcoming Events - dates of tests this week.  They will be on the board ahead of time so writing on the correct day will know how far in advance to study.  Initials are for the parents.  

In 4th grade, I feel that parents should still be involved and know what is going on even though students are the ones accountable for their work.  Click to download your copy if you think it could work in your classroom.  

What do you use? Anything else printable you can point me to, to help keep track of homework and assignments? 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Vegas #TPTvegas14

I had a blast and learned SO MUCH at the first TPT conference! It was so great to meet others and learn alongside them.  Even the keynote speakers - Paul (!!! - TPT founder), John, Amy, and Deanna were fantastic and heartwarming.

I'm so glad that I took this opportunity because of all the hopeful growth it will provide - collaborating with other sellers, improving my store/business, and some tricks from people who have been there before.  Armed with all that knowledge, I definitely have a series of improvements to make but I think it can be done.  I'm move motivated than ever before.

To meet with others all across the country was life changing, not to mention fun!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sign Me Up: Jobs for the Upper Elementary Classroom!

Branching up to 4th grade I knew would be different! I have been thinking nonstop since I got the news of how I want my classroom to run.  Obviously having my first year under my belt, makes me feel like my ideas are more real and will work.

I'm excited to be in this grade level and for the level of independence.  Although, don't get me wrong - I will miss me Kindergarteners!  Luckily, my Best Cousin (5 months apart - both teachers) is teaching preschool at the same school, so I can always visit if I want to see the young ones.

I knew I wanted my students to have responsibility and have a role in our classroom. I also knew that I wanted jobs that would stay for awhile.  I'm not one that has the time, energy, mental capacity to switch jobs by the week.  I poured over lists of jobs and assessed what I truly felt like I needed for my classroom! This is what I came up with:

One of the best parts is: it's EDITABLE! so if you need another job you can easily add it!  All the jobs come with characteristics and duties for each! This was important to me.  I wanted to start the year off explaining what those words meant, who we see as examples, and how they benefit that job.

We will also work on writing with these skills as they have to apply for the positions.  We will talk about showing how through examples how they fit the characteristics needed for the position. 

I'm so excited to start these with my "big kids" this year! I'll show more pictures once I have the bulletin board all set and ready to go! 

Click any of the pictures to see the full preview! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Currently

My newest addiction is listening to hymns on Pandora. It relaxes me and lets my mind wander and focus on great things.

Here's a pic of the business cards (they look really good printed too!) I was worried the QR codes would be too small but they do work you just have to hold them back farther!
Only 9 days till we leave for Vegas.  July 13th is our first anniversary so we decided to extend our trip and make it for the anniversary as well! It will be our first time in Vegas and we are excited .... anything we HAVE to see or do??

strawberry picking! 

July is going to be 1 crazy month for us! We are travelling to Vegas for the TPT conference and our anniversary then only a few days in Minnesota before we move back to Missouri.   I can't wait to be in our first house but am not looking forward to the move.  

Our 4th plans don't consist of much - we usually have big family gatherings back home but this is our first 4th away so we'll celebrate by watching the small fireworks in our town I suppose.  

It is illegal to buy big fireworks here? How crazy is that?? I feel like the biggest redneck when I am missing buying fireworks (Missouri - 1, Minnesota - 0)  sadly that score does not also include weather otherwise MO would have more ;)          There are some things I love about Minnesota, don't get me wrong just a little homesick I guess.   

I'll leave you with this awesomeness

Gooey Cinnamon Roll Cake - every bit as good as it sounds.  Yes I am pregnant (that could be to blame) but it has yeast and I made it - A HUGE FEAT! So really anybody could do it!! 

Can't wait to see what everyone else has in store this July!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

State Study

Since I'm moving to 4th grade I've had to do some major research (kindergarten is not quite the same ;) - the most memorable part of 4th grade in my state was learning state history and visiting the Capitol.  I was really excited that this was the first unit I created for 4th grade and one that I am really excited about.  It got me to review the material and standards we need to cover so I feel more prepared too! It nearly covers every state standard we have for learning about our state history and I looked at other state's standards as well to make sure it would fit.

The best part - this can be applied to ANY STATE! (yes you read that right!) All the printables and interactive notebook components are applicable to any state and would enhance learning in this social studies area!

Here are the pages:

These are great to work on and can easily be completed by students.  They reinforce skills and note taking that would coincide with learning about one's state history. 

Ok....confession....I jumped on the interactive notebook bandwagon.  A little late you say, well in Kindergarten we have done much interactive notebooking besides these foldable versions with our sight words! They went over really well but I after making these for social studies I am obsessed.  I had so much fun cutting and filling them out.  The bright paper I think really makes a difference too and is so much fun espeically if you have to take notes.
It comes with 10 different foldable templates to learn about your state!

Some of the templates include:
  • Famous People from your state
  • Spinner to learn about people, climate, natural resources and more
  • agriculture, trade and industry in your state
  • State facts including state bird, nickname, flower, etc...
  • Motivation, Starting Point, and Hardships of Westward Expansion
+  MORE!