Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Primer Sight Word Interactive Foldable Pack

If you liked the Pre-primer pack......

then look no further for the Primer edition!  I have had requests to make this pack and it now includes all the Primer Dolch words in the same format.  That means plenty of ways to practice the words throughout the WHOLE year! 

Why these are great:
*predicatable for students
*many ways to practice using the word
*easy to navigate and fold for younger students
*can be done independently - group work, individual, or for centers but also as a whole class

Click the Purple square below to try 3 words for FREE and see how they work for your classroom!

I also bundled the 2 together which you can purchase to save some money! These are great to have at the beginning of the year since they can be used for an extended amount of time.  The students can build up their notebook and keep it for reviewing words.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It - Rolled Paper Table Decor!

I finally have time to show off a little of what I have been working on!  These got so much activity on Instagram  (Even Queen of the First Grade Jungle still my blogging heart!) that I thought I should show you how to make them.  I was inspired by First Class in 4th Grade after I saw hers on Instagram and then made some of my own signs to go along.  

I know most teachers are perfectionists - NOT ME! If it is pretty good - I go with it.  I'm sure there are ways to get these more precise but for my taste they looked great! 

Without further ado ....  how to make them. 

I realize you could call these flowers...they look like flowers...I didn't want to use that word so they are table decorations! 


Paper (I got mine at Target)
Table signs - plenty on TPT I haven't posted these yet but could if there is interest)

NO glue or tape - yep crazy easy even I could do it! 

I'm sure you could fasten in a more decorative way but really the staples blend in with the dark chalkboard and is so much easier than gluing anything in there! 

You going to try them out? Really the cost of paper was the whole cost and so EASY! Trust me if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Editable iPhone Name Tags and Rosters

So with all the craziness of moving the past month and finishing summer school the next school year has been on the back burner.  I didn't know what theme I wanted in my room. Did I want a theme? How does it benefit students? Somehow, I stumbled upon some technology clipart and the rest is history.  Although it isn't the main focus on every board (maybe next year) I am creating some tech themed goodies for my students to start the year off!  Stay tuned for your chance to win some.

I'm so excited because I'm nervous starting an older grade and am hoping my students will think this is "cool." Heck, I would think they were cool if I was their age!

The first thing I created were these Editable iPhones for each student as a name tag.  They also include their student number for quick reference since we don't have the big nametags in the upper grades any more.  They look so great all laminated on their desks though!!

I also created some editable rosters to go along with this theme that are easy to print and look cohesive in your room.  Just wait to see what I've got in the works next...I just hope I have enough time to get it all finished before school starts!

Be sure to follow my FB page - here - for a chance to win these! All you have to do is share your classroom theme this year!

Back to School Math

Looking ahead, I wanted to start the year off with a fun activity for my upper elementary students.  I created both of these activities with my new 4th graders in mind.  They are so versatile that they would work from 3-5 with the range of math involved.

The first is Monster Math About Me  It is essentially a monster coloring sheet where you answer math problems and fill in the coordinating colors on your sheet.  I love that each student's page will look different while they are all completing the same questions!

This allows student to get their brain started for the year while still learning about each other and school in a fun way.  Check out some of the cards below.

The questions are so fun and great to get the year started.  It even comes with an extension sheet to look indepth at what colors are prevalent in your sheet and why.

The recording sheet makes it easier to keep track of your answers while filling in the proper part of the coloring sheet.  I'm excited for such a great activity to start the year! Click any of the pictures or here if you want something like this for your room this year! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday


Divider 1

I just whipped up these Open House/ Meet the Teacher Signs if you need a "Welcome" sign then go grab your grade level! I would LOVE feedback if you do download!!

Mine will be on my Smartboard during this time.  I made them pretty generic to work with any decor!

Divider 2

Here's a sneak peek of just one of my displays in my room:

Be sure to follow on Instagram as more sneak peeks are coming until I can get back in my room and do a full reveal.  Next week we can't go in AT ALL for it will be a little while :(

Divider 3

I've been working on some more technology themed room decor.  I don't really have a theme...or didn't want to but after creating a few things it kind of just fell into place.   Here are my iPhone name tags that will make their appearance in a TPT pack soon! They look so awesome on their desks! They display the grade level, their number and name along with some classic icons.

More on these coming VERY soon - stay tuned!

Divider 4

After Vegas I realized I needed to get into organized shape...therefore this binder was born.  I will be more organized....I will be more organized....if I keep repeating it - it has to work right?!  I really love the bright colors and how my dividers and cover accidentally match.  

Divider 5

We moved 600 + miles and 2 states last weekend and my sweet mom left us these goodies on our new kitchen table! It was so fun spending the night in our new home.  I'm already loving being so close to family again and not 8 hours away ...PLUS I get to decorate the nursery in our new house! So excited !!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to School Math (2)

Looking ahead, I wanted to start the year off with a fun activity for my upper elementary students.  I created both of these activities with my new 4th graders in mind.  They are so versatile that they would work from 3-5 with the range of math involved.

Another fun math idea for the beginning of the year was my EDITABLE Glad to Meet You: Math Style.  It is a great compliment to Monster Math About Me.

This is perfect to learn about your new school and to make students feel comfortable in their new environment!

Essentially the pack contains a 10 questions Scoot or scavenger hunt game with an answer book.  Each answer involves math about the student or the school on a 3rd-5th grade level.

With questions such as:

* How many hours until your birthday?

* How many minutes have you been in school since Kindergarten?

* How many school days till winter break?

Students' brains will be working heavily.  Some background information is necessary to be successful but the teacher can provide that to the students and they learn about the school through that information.

The answer slides are editable! (NOT the questions themselves!) so that you can customize the answers ahead of time or work them out with your students.


This does involve estimating work as well as finding the correct answer.  Measuring is a large focus mostly on time but a few other areas as well.  Students will need to be able to add, multiply, subtract, and divide on questions as they see fit.

Click any of the pictures or here if this is something you want to try in your classroom this year!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Foldable Freebie

Foldable and Interactive Notebooks are all the rage.  I created this Interactive Foldables using the Dolch Pre-Primer word list and they are perfect to start in the younger grades.  They have gone over really well because they can be used all year long!

These are essential because they cover the needed material in a variety of predictable ways.  Yes that sounds a little contradictory, but let me explain: 

* Students even in K/1 can work on these on their own after modeling only a few times. 

* you can add it to a word work station to have them complete independently 

* They cover a variety of skills including: vowels/consonants, writing, differentiating the word, using it in a simple sentence

If you want to try these out in your room before buying - check out the freebie here with 3 words! Use them and then decide if they would be of use in your classroom.