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Top Cyber Monday Teacher Picks 2018

Why you NEED Science Solvers in your classroom!

Have you ever wondered how am I going to get through teaching energy?!  I have been there!  This seemed like the toughest concept that I saved to teach last to my 5th graders!  I had trouble understanding the level of material myself...while I can't fully help with that I can show you what did work and really engaged my students as well!

For each section we studied, I used these Science Solver cards! Essentially task cards that took our study to a whole new level - let me tell you why.

  1. Introducing concepts has never been easier.  A student or myself would choose a card to start off the day.  We would learn not only how to research together but be able to tie directly into our lesson. 

2.   The questions were FUN!  How do noise cancelling headphones work?  How can animals use magnetic fields?  What is phantom power?

Truly, these were questions students wanted to answer and know more about which made the buy in so much better for lesson.

3.  SO MANY USES! So not only were they awesome to start off a unit, but I could use these in many different ways to enhance instruction and almost more importantly research skills.

  • use as a science station 
  • use as a SCOOT game
  • assign research questions for extension or extra credit 
  • nonfiction reading skills
  • internet research
  • presentation options were included so a student could present in a chosen format for the class!

I had to find many resources to help explain abstract concepts on a level my students would understand.  Songs, games, and many other resources were utilized. For electricity - you can find all my circuit materials here: http://sssteaching.blogspot.com/2016/05/10-easy-stations-for-building-circuits.html 

You can buy each of the concepts separately or bundled up with all the Energy concepts!

Pre-K Dinosaur Color By Number/Letter

So now that I have a kiddo myself I have been creating for him and thought I'd share what we have been up to lately.  A little background - he's 3.5 now and is totally into dinosaurs! We have been working on alphabet and counting for awhile but I just now realized that he can do color by number sheets - like DUH! It just had not even occurred to me before now.

I whipped up some sheets that I LOVE! and he does too!

I'll tell ya why I love them:

1)  You can never have enough number and letter recognition (it contains all upper and lowercase letters! - BONUS!) in an easy to read font for littles!  I do color over the number/letter with the correct color first so then he can match them since he does not recognize the words yet.

2) There is a skill check at the bottom of each sheet!  I love these because I took the skills needed for kindergarten and modified to his level, so I know anything on there translates to something he needs to know~

3) Educator Connection is in the bottom right corner of each page as well!  Love, Love, LOVE these because whether it be a parent, teacher, grandparent (since they will be helping on days not in preschool) they can extend the learning to the world around them.

It totally follows the related skill but may use things around the room, the back of the paper, or ideas to build on the concept.  These would be perfect for early preschoolers to send home and have parents talk about what they learned and see an introduction to a skill.

They are just the perfect level for the little learners.  Not too much on a page, easy skill introduction, and ways to connect to learning - all wrapped into one!

We keep these handy in our diaper bag in with crayons in case we need when we are out anywhere and I also supply grandparents with some when they watch him to get some learning in as well!  Who doesn't love dinosaurs??!

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