Grandparent's Day in Upper Elementary!

We had a fantastic Grandparent's Day Celebration last Friday.  Sorry I'm a little late with my post but hopefully some of you might be able to use this or store if away for next year!

I was a little scared going into Grandparent's Day since I was with a much older grade until I remembered the "Old Fart Booth" app on the Ipad - we used for 100th day in Kindergarten but I thought it would be great for this as well - my kids LOVED this!! Best of all it is FREE!

It is basically an aging app and you can add accessories.  I limited my students to 2 accessories so that you could still see them.  They turned out hilarious!

The top left one is me....sadly I didn't even smile for my picture and I will look extremely stern when older apparently!  I discussed previously with my students what would change when they are grandparents and we recorded those and used this sheet below.  

They had a great time filling them out with their grandparents and it led to discussions of how today is different than when their grandparents were in elementary school. 

Here's a view from our hallway: 

The grandparents got such a kick out of these and the students loved working on them together with the grandparents as well! It worked out to be a great way to connect and discuss about the past and the future.

Click on the picture above to get a recording sheet for your room! 


  1. Thank you. This will be perfect for my 5th graders!

  2. Oh My goodness- I did this first thing this morning with my 5th graders for our Grandparents that are coming later today. These turned out SO cute! Thank you!


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