FREE Turkey Trot Writing Prompt

I'm in the FREEBIE mood lately - can't wait to do this with my students today!

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For Fun Friday this week - we are going to work on this fun writing prompt: 

I wanted a little more than the traditional "Turkey in Disguise" this year - although I LOVE that idea, the younger grades already take it over so I needed something new for us to try.

I remember one of my favorite activities was when we would share writing with our class - meaning we would start a story, pass to the next person after folding over so they could only read the last sentence.  They turned out crazy and hilarious!

Since we have been using Thanksgiving stories for our mentor texts, this wasn't too far of a stretch for my older students.  


There is a planning page if you want your students to respond on their own with a prompt!  

This twist in writing involves the older students and gives them an opportunity to be creative.  Students really love reading these stories.  

Don't forget to leave feedback if you download! That definitely prompts me to work on more freebies for great followers like you! 

Make sure you check out my last post for a chance to win this great new poetry lapbook: 


  1. Thanks for sharing this at TBA, Amber. I love the writing idea (would be great to use with buddy classes!), but I have to say my favorite is your cover - love that upside down guy!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a great writing prompt! I love the graphic organizer too - thank you:)

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