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This will be random I apologize (there is a cool FREEBIE at the end though!), I'll first start with my top 5 for student teaching.  I haven't done one in awhile so I thought it would be great to get back to!  I love reflecting on it actually,  realizing how fast it is going by!

My first full week is coming up!

Ok Top 5:

1.  AHA moments! One of our students did fantastic on our math tests, after we had been talking about strategies all week!  Math isn't his strongest subject but he didn't give up, which was awesome to see, and he worked through it!  So proud of him!  It's those moments that make me super beyond excited to be a teacher!

2. Made is through first supervisor visit! Deep breath......check that off the list!  It went off without a hitch.  Even though I wasn't super nervous it was a little weird having someone in the room besides the normal people (especially with me teaching!). Preparing for the principal's visit soon...I suppose.

3. They love breaks as much as we do! Surprise, surprise!  Well I'm moody (I'll admit it, and am working on being more aware).  Students pick up on this, more than we know.  If we're having a bad day, then it tends to get worse because the students know it.  Well on Friday it was kind of the opposite.  I only get to see my fiance about once a month (and I got to see him Friday) so needless to say I was ecstatic and couldn't wait for school to let out!  Well we had 3 tests, and that was a lot!  We took dance breaks and listened to music for the parts of the tests that we could!  It helped me and the students so much to release some energy and get to work!  Check out my brain break page for some  ideas!!

4. I love writing! Of course, my inspiration for stories, involves magical talking ducks, aliens, and other mythical creatures, but I think that really let the kids know to go for it- in writing anyway!  We talked all about planning stories and I'm so excited after reading their plans.  They are so creative and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

5. LOOK AT upcoming weeks aka Pop rocks! We're talking about descriptive words so I made this cool FREEBIE to go with our Pop Rocks we are going to observe- how much fun?!  Click the pic to grab yours!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your brain break Pinterest board. I am now following and can not wait to use in the classroom!!! The videos are amazing!

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    One Class, One Sound


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