I'm loving my new place where I get to try new recipe except the fact that it is SO addicting :(   I should also be loving the fact that we finally got an air conditioner in our new place!!! We've had some pretty hot days and we are very thankful :) 

I'm really wanting payday since this is my first year at this school it doesn't come till mid September and I will be celebrating :) 

Sadly, I'm definitely needing some allergy meds, Labor Day is the worst for me every single year! Staying inside with AC helps, but I'm pretty useless.  

My goals for this month: 
1. Build classroom community more- I have some ideas but I want some more interactive ones we can use daily. I really want us to be a really strong class together and value everyone before we get too far into the year. 

2.  I need to stay connected to friends and family.  Since I moved away I need to make sure and Skype them when I can.  I really need to work on meeting more people here but none are my age...

3. I need to workout- no excuses- I've been extremely lazy.  

Also...if you want to check out my apps with kindergarteners don't forget the FREEBIE that comes with it!


  1. It's going to be rough going from September to December without a paycheck! I can't wait for that to be over so I can get to subbing! Good luck getting everything together for school! Hope you have a fabulous week!


  2. I just got an ipad, so your big list of apps will be helpful in finding some to use in my classroom. I pinned it. Thanks!

    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  3. No paycheck till mid-September - YIKES! I'd be hurting for sure. I cannot agree with you more about building a classroom community. Not only is it great for the kids but your overall management goes so much more smoothly when your class is a little family. Good luck with the allergies - such a drag! :(


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