First Week Down!

I can't believe I survived my first week with MY students in kindergarten! I love the sound of it! No it hasn't been easy and I've been exhausted but I'm still loving that I have my own class after subbing so long I feel like I get to start with my own students which is fantastic!

1. We did lots of get to know you activities, went over procedures and rules A LOT, and I started some whole brain teaching! "Class, Yes" went over SO WELL!! I'm excited to implement more later on.  Of course, I have no pictures since this week was insane.  I started reading the kissing hand and quite a few activities spurred off of it because it connected really well with what they were feeling on the first day.

2. I hope to be back more when I can wrap my head around blogging, and school, and grad school.  If you didn't check out my Apps in Kindergarten - you should.  I really excited to use an Ipad to help my students in school see if you can find anything you can use.

3. Below you will find a FREE responding to technology sheet.  I think this could be a great way to encourage metacognition even when learning with Ipads or other technology.  Students can complete it as part of an Ipad/technology center. It really gets them focused on what they learned in that time!

If you follow on Instagram you know I made some HOT Dots! I will use Skittles combined with the cards below after read alouds to get students using those higher order thinking skills! I absolutely adore the combo and can't wait to use them really soon.  Let me know if you're interested in the topper for the jar, I can upload if you want it! :)

You can find the cards FREE here!
5. Look what I found! This should be useful in my new state don't you think?! I've been told I don't have an accent, I guess that's a good thing?!  Minnesota definitely does though....just a little ;)


  1. I would love the hot dots jar topper if you get a chance. Congrats on surviving the first week! Isn't it fabulous to have a class of your very own?


  2. Congrats on making it through your first week! Enjoy your blog.

    Lipstick and Learning


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