Every Kindergarten App you could need!

 So I got one of these! I'm so excited to get the opportunity to use this in my classroom. I have got some awesome apps I plan on using for lots of small group work and centers.  These apps were mostly free and I'll show you some organizing tips along the way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 First if you want these super cute backgrounds, check them out here for FREE! Reagan Tunstall made them and I think they will work great not to mention keep us organized since every teacher in our building will have an Ipad this year :) 

First, I organized my apps by category.  Integration will be a huge part of getting the Ipads so I want to make sure I have it organized for the students.  The categories I have are:                                                                                                                       * Phonics -  any apps that have to do with sounds, beginning, middle or otherwise

* ABCs - apps for learning the alphabet
* Writing - tracing letters, words, or numbers using correct formation

* Listening - any apps that read to the students while tracking the words, apps that I can use for Daily 5 time.

* Numbers - math concepts usually numbers, most have different levels to progress through but have a great starting point for kindergarten.  

Below you will find what apps are included in each one.  These apps are perfect for kindergarten, although not a completely comprehensive list - leave a comment if you have any other apps you use that are awesome!  Of course, along with Ipads comes rules/expectations which need to be clearly communicated before using.  I plan on using the "Guided Access" feature so that I can control what app my students stay on for the time I want them on the Ipad if I'm not directly monitoring.  It essentially keeps them locked in an app which is perfect for small groups. 

Ok now onto the lists: 

Phonics Apps: 
  1. Fun2Learn Phonics
  2. Phonics Easy
  3. Sound Sorting (Beginning Sounds)
  4. Phonics Tic Tac Toe
  5. Word Cub
  6. Word Family
  7. Cimo Spelling - sound out 

Alphabet Apps: 
  1. ABC GoGo
  2. ABC Magnetic Land - could be used for spelling words
  3. ABC transport
  4. First Words Sampler
  5. Letter of the Day 
  6. Letter Quiz
  7. Montessori Words
  8. Speaking Spell
  9. SpellBoard - could program with spelling words
  10. Free fall Spelling -  great graphics , easy to use 
  11. Word Bingo
  12. Tommy 1

  1. Alphabet Tracing- love how it shows the correct motion
  2. Letter School - I LOVE this app and could play on it (just ask the husband!)
  3. Pocket Phonics
  4. Toddler ABC - yes I know it says toddler, but it worth checking out

  1. Counting Catepillar - great visuals, fun stuff!
  2. Mat series - find the missing number
  3. Montessori Numbers
  4. Monkey Math
  5. Piggy HD - cool graphics 
  6. Everyday Math Squeeze 
  7. Super Number Kid

Listen to Reading/ Daily 5: 
  1. Miss Spider
  2. Big Monster
  3. Day of Diesels
  4. Green Egss
  5. Hiku
  6. Jingle
  7. Llama
  8. Ugly Duckling
  9. Tortoise
  10. On top of spaghetti

Hope you get some ideas for some great apps to add to your collection! Share some apps you love, or other Ipad resources I'd definitely be interested in learning more!!


  1. How did you print the app icon

  2. Thanks for the great tips! My students love the subitize tree for number sense too.

  3. I love the iPad but we have now switched to the Nexxus tablet and I can't find anything free. We have no money for apps.

  4. Hello, just wanted to share another great site for preschoolers… http://www.LottyLearns.com which features a series of adorable little videos designed to teach little ones to read (letter sounds, sounding out words, etc.). There’s also a related app for both iOS and Android (Lotty Learns) and even a bunch of printable resources for letter-writing practice (great for teachers too!). Best of all, everything is free!! :-)

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