Student Teaching Success- Dress Code

What to Wear

One of the most important things when starting in a teaching profession is what you wear.  It can really help! Yes, this is a sad truth but giving the right impression can really help you land a future job why not start while student teaching?!

DO - Read the manual
  • All schools have some sort of dress code, make sure to read the manual for your school which should be given out or you can ask for one.  
  • If you have any questions, run them by your cooperating teacher - he or she should know the basic rules for most items. 
DO - Be professional 
  • It is always better to be more dressed up than dressed down!  Go shopping before! Some of my favorite stores are Old Navy, Target (clearance!!!), and TJ Maxx.  
  • I did participate in jeans days at my school and school support color days.  I know some schools that say you should be dressed up everyday - as if it were an interview.  Get a feel for your school whatever you feel comfortable doing. 
  • Make sure it is comfortable though- flats are your best friend! You will be standing A LOT! Stock up now.  
  • Short skirts/dresses and low cut tops (for ladies) are never acceptable.  If it is in question - leave it out!!  I won't buy any dresses I can't wear to school now. 
DO - get lots of basics
  • I find it so much easier to have basic pants, shirts, dresses, that I can change out with shoes, jewelry, or a cardigan. It's easier to dress in the morning and planning outfits doesn't take as much time.  
  • Starting out you probably don't have a ton of professional clothes, stocking up on basics that you can build on over years is a great place to start!  You might rotate a few outfits at first but changing out pieces and gaining some new ones you'll be surprised by how many outfits you can make.

I have a couple posts devoted to this topic: 
  • Professional dress- here
  • Where to shop for clothes - here

Share any tips for dressing in a school! 

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  1. I couldn't agree more with this post. I am going to hop over and look at your places to shop post next. Loft clearance is another one of my favorites!


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