Professional Dress and Fun Craft

So I have three different things to talk hang is all pretty cool, I promise.

First, so for one of our classes we have to dress up because, hey we are going to be teachers and have to dress up so this is an example of what I wore for "professional dress" points the other day:

I wouldn't normally post something about my outfit considering I don't really consider myself a some of the other awesome bloggers out there, but I love my black cardigan thing. 1) its great to throw over a cami or any shirt really. 2) It is lightweight and great to layer with. 3) It can hang low, but look at the versatility people...IT CAN TIE!!!!!!!! This was one of my greatest discoveries so...if you have a long-ish cardigan give it a tie :)

Especially over a skirt it can really emphasize the waist as well.

Ok 2nd thing: I'm sometimes a crafty person...sometimes!  Well I wanted to share a craft I did a couple years ago that I still love because hey 1) it has rainbows. 2) I put a lot of work on it. 3) I've never seen anything like it and people it's very easy and so easily customizable.

So take a looksie at my picture frame:

So here are some steps if you want to take on this project: 


picture frame
seed beads
craft glue
acrylic paint

1. Paint any picture frame (mine has a lip on it so it think it holds the beads better) I chose a rainbow theme.

2. Use glue to put beads on (you can probably tell I used different sections at a time and thought ahead what I wanted to do) I used toothpicks to do this (time consuming but weirdly relaxing in knitting-focusing kind of way)

3. Admire your work- it is really that easy.  Oops...but a picture in it too!!!  I'm sure you could put on some kind of sealer spray on it but the glue really holds!!

Let me know what you it on your crafts board if you're inspired. :)

ok third....just another kid-ism from my last day at practicum:

So we were reading a book about a sick dragon, the teacher was prompting them asking, "What do you do a lot of when you are sick?"

One student answered, "Bless-yous" (sneezing)

Its the little things that make me smile  :)



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