Teacher Gift Idea- Monday Made It!

I was really excited about this project because I really think she will LOVE it, and it was easy to do and some might want it for a teacher beginning of the year gift.

I searched for teacher gifts of course on Pinterest but none exactly what I wanted. First I completed this painting!  I used her new school colors and hot glued ribbon and tulle on the back so it can be hung up! I outlined in pencil first just using a circle template then painted using acrylic paints.

Next, I created this basket filled with tons of teacher goodies for her first year! Target $1 HOLLA!

Here is a list of what I included:

  • margarita class (we all have those days!)
  • stapler (heavy duty)
  • stationary set (I use mine ALL the time!)
  • $1 cup filled with colorful pens
  • $1 cup with cute binder clips
  • Apple Post-It dispenser (perfect for teacher)
  • chocolate (for those days as well!)
inside with all the goodies!

I just nestled it all in there so it all fit and put in a cute ($1) tub that I Modpodged her name on once again.  I just used a cute frame and then added the name and put it on the front! I added some more cute tulle on the handles just for extra cuteness! 
front view: with the name!
Whatcha think?!

I also made these teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. Click the pic for that post! Once again more  $1 spot!


  1. Your sign is super cute. I like all the rest of the goodies too.

    room 4 imagination

  2. I love the buckets! So cute!


  3. I love that sign. These gifts look super cute & thoughtful. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love it! I wish someone would make one for me. I am in love with stationary.

    Simply 2nd Resources


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