Teacher to Teacher Appreciation

Well since I am in a school during this day but being a long term sub has taught me TONS! I feel like I really need to appreciate the teachers in my grade level who help me out on a daily basis.  These teachers are fantastic and always have advice, resources, or chocolate to help me out.  I wanted to show them a little appreciation for this week but they are already teachers and have it all....what to do.

I tried Googling "Teacher to Teacher Appreciation Gifts"...to no avail.  Apparently this is not as common or I am the first person ever :)    So I got creative and tried to think of what a teacher would want.  I really like meaningful gifts with personality.  Take a look at what I came up with.

I love how they all have personality but are monogrammed (I would really appreciate that touch!)

First- cute little bins (Target $1 Spot....shhhhh!)

Next- I printed labels I found here!  Exactly what I wanted!

(I put in lifesavers and their favorite candy!)

Then- I added initials and some glitter and modpodged it on!

Finally- I filled with their favorite goodies and a handwritten note.  Ok...so I also made one with my soon to be last name. I just thought they were so darn adorable! (don't judge)

What do you think? Do you do anything for your teamies?
If you want some labels to do something like this for your project- check these out!

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  1. I am actually in the process of making something for my co-teacher and 2 little gifts for my assistants. I've always done a little something and it just shows we teachers are appreciative of each other as well! ;)



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