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My first First Year Friday Feature, how awesome! I'm already excited about the responses that I have been reading so far! 

This week we have Tara from Science in the City!  Check out her advice for first year teachers and what could work for you!   She has some awesome science resources and ways to use not only that but technology on her blog.  Use the button below to check her out!

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I teach middle school science now (2 years), I have taught high school Earth Science and AP Environmental science for 5 years previously. I have also been an adjunct for 3 semester at a local college for an introductory geology/env. science course.
Best Tip for Management:
- Have a good plan and backup plan
- keep the kids engaged
- use classdojo??
- Be flexible.

Don't know what ClassDojo is? Click here!

Must Have School Supply:

Blogs I follow (and you might want to as well ;)

Science Penguin
Science Teacher Resources

How to stay organized?
A constant running to do list, folders for many things
Stress Management Advice:

exercise, even if you think you don't have time.
Try to set one block of time or one day that you don't do any work at home.
Interview Tip:
Have specific examples of what you can do for their school. And be confident!
Advice for first year of Teaching:

 Every lesson doesn't have to be like the ones you were asked to do in grad school. Its perfectly ok to have an easier day

A constant running to do list is my BEST FRIEND! I literally do not know what I would do without it!  I love the advice of having an easier day, sometimes you just have to go with it!

Want to be a guest blogger yourself? All you have to do is click "First Year Friday FORM" at the top of the page!  I'd love to have you!

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