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I'm linking up with my first Five for Friday! 

This week we have fabulous Katie from Savvy in Second Grade!  

I've been teaching for 5 years, but this is my first year in 2nd grade (I was in Kinder before). It is almost like starting all over again (but not quite). The first two years are always so tough!

Best Tip for Management:

Find the style that works for you. Think honestly about what kind of classroom YOU work best in and don't try to just copy your neighbor. Your colleagues/mentor teachers may have different needs. For example, I am someone who needs to have a lot of procedures. There is a "way" to do everything in the class. Other teachers might like students to have more autonomy. I don't mind talking during centers, other teachers need quiet most of the time in the classroom. Neither way is "better," it is just about what makes me feel comfortable and productive.

Must Have School Supply:

Binder Clips

Blogs I follow (and you might want to as well ;)


Purely PaperlessThe OC Blog Button


How to stay organized?

1. My centers are organized by season and discipline (Word Work, Poerty etc) in portable filing bins.

2. I have rainbow drawers that are labeled by day of the week and extra materials. I put everything I need for Monday in the Monday drawer and all extra materials in the correct drawer.

3. Binder clips keep my guided reading books together. Books are organized by level in plastic boxes

4. I label EVERYTHING. All things have a space.

Stress Management Advice:
Try to exercise immediately after work. If I go home, I'm done! Running has kept me sane.

Interview Tip:

Research the school as much as possible before you interview. Find out their philosophy, whether or not they have had any recent (or upcoming special events), see if they have been in the newspaper. If you show you know a lot about the school, they interviewer can begin to picture you as part of the staff

What a great idea! The internet and local papers of if you know the area can really help give you an edge.

Advice for first year of Teaching:

Focus on one (or two) things at a time. As a new teacher you are not going to be everything you want in your first year. Creating all those amazing lessons, classroom management skills, and strategies takes time. Focus on the most important first and with each year create new goals. For example, my first year I focused on classroom management and understanding the standards. The next year I worked on my guided reading strategies and assessment. If you focus on a few things at a time you can make a lot of progress and feel accomplished. Try to do too much and you will feel overwhelmed and unsuccessful.

I love this idea of manageable goals- that really makes sense for new teachers!



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I'm loving my First Year Teacher Advice, I'll count that as #1 when I link up with


2. I loved this activity we did here! 

OU/OW word practice with a freebie ------->

3.  I am addicted to Starburst Jelly Beans!!  They are fantastic and I cannot stop eating them, curse this time of year!

4. This is the first time I got to plan holiday activities for a classroom.  Here is a picture of the craft we did.

Click here for the full post!.

5. Last, I learned how to make long pins for Pinterest!!!   I'm way behind I know...well I did one for my art projects, think you would use them for teaching products?!

I could do a tutorial if anyone is interested - its super easy!

Click the pic to see it in action!!


  1. I love your leprechaun pots, too cute. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess

  2. The My Ouch Story looks like it would be a great writing resource to use. I am also digging your St. Patrick's Day craft. I didn't even know you could create long Pinterest pins.

    Lovely Literacy & More


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