So I did this activity awhile ago with my student teaching class and posted about it here

You write an "ouch" story using OU/OW words!  Last time I wore a band-aid for inspiration.
This time I knew what was coming up so I wanted to make the activity EVEN BETTER!
I made a nice big bandaid on the board and filled it with words generated by the students- ones we had been studying the last few days.

Next, we wrote stories and illustrated about an "ouch" story that was make believe.  We tried to fit in as many ou/ow words as possible.  Of course, the stories were hilarious!!! The class loved getting to share and it really made my day- these ones are tough bunch to get to write anything :(

I was really pleased that they got "into" this!

Click the picture to grab your FREE paper template to write on. 

Check out some of our examples below!~!!

 photo bcdded6f-57a3-4413-9171-86036f93c774_zps2ea902c7.jpg

 photo 9bd5fe35-ccd4-4a09-a5ed-33af256f03d5_zpsbb2f8a96.jpg

Lots of running into cows and couches!

 photo 7088a4f4-077b-4268-81ca-82ab170d50df_zps5fd0de28.jpg

 photo 92091925-758e-4553-a6f7-ba29ff5e08d0_zps1576e1d2.jpg
"I was sitting on a couch and I found something in my pouch.  It was a tiny cow! How did a tiny cow get in my pouch?!" 



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