OU/OW Words, might induce laughter

Can I just say how much fun spelling has been this week?! I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Today we did an awesome activity for the OU spelling pattern! I've seen something similar to this on Pinterest but decided to put my own spin on this and you need very little prep!

Here is a lovely picture of where I put the bandaid on my face! This is the first step!  I did this before class.  Obvious...but not too obvious.  

Here's the "semi" anchor chart we made with all our words! I wanted to a bandaid but that didn't quite happen! 

Third- Students had to write what they thought happened to me using our ou/ow words from the board.  I challenged them to see how many words they could fit in their story!  

IT WENT AWESOME! Probably my favorite thing so far! 

Here are some of our examples: (I'll translate below each picture)
Check them out they are hilarious!!!

"You ran into a cow and fell on the ground and said "ouch." and got off the ground and ran into another cow and fell again and said ouch!  


"Ms. Haslag fell down on the ground because she was terrified when she saw a cow in the house. and she was never found again."  

So I disppeared?!

"I was coming from out of my house and I was heading south and I fell on the ground and hit my mouth and I went back in the house and sat my couch and I watched TV for an hour and I got ran over from a cow. The cow got angry and started to pound." 

The student informed their picture was not quite finished....it was supposed to be me on the couch with an angry cow about to get me and me saying "Ahhhhh!!!"

These made me crack up...hope they do for you too! :)

I think I liked it so well because as a student teacher, kids sometimes are as receptive to me early on being in the classroom- this was such a great way to show creativity and be silly and show my fun side as well!

Literally  no prep + creativity galore = one awesome spelling lesson !


  1. This is a great idea and so funny. I love the stories they wrote! I'm student teaching too. Feel free to swing by my blog.

  2. Often those are the best lessons and the ones the kids remember most! Great job!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. What a fun lesson! Will definitely try it out!

    Down Under Teacher

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