Fun Phonics Freebie!

So in full swing as a long term sub, although it doesn't really feel like it with the FOURTH potential snow day coming up!

Don't get me wrong, I love snow days just as much as the next person but 4 :(  I feel behind on curriculum and it is hard to make a schedule when you are only there 3 days a week!  Goodness!

Well nevertheless we have been doing some fun stuff lately.  The class plays phonics games on Wednesday and they LOVE THEM! If you read my previous post about phonics here - then you would know how new this is to me. I've never had this much time devoted every day...not that I'm complaining it feels like they are teaching me a thing or two sometimes - yes they are lil smarties!

One of the games they played was a beanbag toss where they had to make new words!  What a  hit it was!

I remade the game board so you can make one for yourself.  It is pretty simple just toss the beanbag and make a word with whatever it lands on.

You can easily customize it for your classroom with some blank labels as well! 

Hope you can use it - it certainly has worked wonders and keeps them engaged!

Click the pictures to download your FREE COPY!

Be on the lookout for Friday when I have my first Friday Feature blogger!

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  1. Hey as a trainee teacher I really like this game and I think the children would really enjoy it too. I may have to use it when I graduate next year! Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely visit your site again.

    I hope you can check mine out too,
    All the best



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