Phonics Confusion

Holy Whirlwind of confusion Batman!

You would have thought I was in 2 different continents these last couple days. 

I know there are a couple different camps on phonics - meaning some view them as essential and some view them as part of another the curriculum.

Monday- Spelling time with no connection between words aka no spelling patterns and only 1/2 hour of time   (if that) spent on words.

Fast forward to Tuesday: 

1 1/2  hours spent on phonics!! I have never seen this much time spent on phonics - EVER! Granted this was a younger grade and a different district but that is a drastic amount of curriculum time!

Honestly,  after observing, I see how much it can really build the foundation if done correctly! It can really help emphasize and enhance spelling curriculum.  Working with ESL students the past year has really emphasized this fact as well- it can be extremely beneficial for those students!

Pairing a picture with a sound is a great way to help!

I think depending on how it is viewed in your district you may get special time devoted to phonics or those concepts get incorporated into centers, stations, or rotations of spelling or reading.

Do you incorporate phonics at all?  

Is it worked into other subjects if not given its own time?  What is your view?


  1. For me, I teach one phonics mini-lesson on Monday to go with the spelling series. We usually do probably 2 more mini-lessons or practices per week, but not always. I'm in 3rd grade, though, so it makes sense that we wouldn't do too much in the way of phonics.

    I was always taught that reading should include phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency as the "big 5" so in 2nd I tried to do each of those each day (but not too much phonemic awareness by 2nd).

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. My district has a time set aside for phonics in kindergarten, but nothing in first grade and I'm definitely starting to notice a difference among districts that I taught at last year and my new one. I hate it honestly and try to do some phonics within my guided reading groups. I'm hoping if I'm with the same school next year, it will change.



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