This Week's Top 5!

I've been a horrible blogger....I know!  Life just gets in the way sometimes!  I'll give you another top 5 from this last week  of updates/awesomeness that has been happening in our classroom!

1. Validation- We took our quiz over our reading focus this week (plot) and WE GOT IT! I love the feeling of teaching them and actually knowing that they got it- really lets me know that I chose the right profession!  

I made the plot anchor chart that is all over Pinterest and we had roller coaster motions and everything to go with it!  We did it at every reading group and whole class and I saw the results so I'm excited.  With everything else I didn't get a picture of my own but it was similar to this one:

                                  *warm fuzzy, warm fuzzy* - I love being a teacher!

2. Had assistant principal come visit!  I think it was great experience but I can't help but get a little nervous- I mean she watches all those great veteran teachers and sees them what could she possibly think of me?!  We had to fill out paperwork before, and after and meet again after- whew!

Well she came in for reading and liked our plot roller coaster! (yay!) and no major problems.  Small management things- but I already knew that one was something I have to keep working on.  Any great management tips out there?!

3. Fire safety - I used this great website to introduce fire safety!  Pretty cool with all the activities and quizzes all in one place.

FireSafety for Kids

4 and 5.  Coming up -

       Next author celebration- So excited about this one!  We modified one from my packet to fit our classroom theme and even have some surprises.  I'll be sure to post pictures!!!  (Hint: it may even theater ropes.......stay tuned ;)

We made our marshmallow launchers, you can read about it here! What a blast that was!  Well to use those extra balloons, we're making balloon rockets this week to shoot off!  These are a great inquiry based lesson and I let groups explore how they want to shoot them off and see what they can do and then we come together to talk about the results!

click the pic above to get 70+ experiments (directions) for FREE!

If you want extra materials to go along with this specific balloon rocket experiment click here

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  1. Sounds like a big week! I'm happy you got some validation that your students got it. As for management... It's different for every person, but try to be as consistent as possible. Less warnings and more follow-through feels mean, but it lets them know you mean business. Once they know they won't get away with it, it will be better!

    Any specific things you have questions about? I'm no expert but let me know and I'll try my best to help out :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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