RAINING MARSHMALLOWS and some updates...

So I decided to do marshmallow launchers from this summer as part of our science inquiry unit.  

Well not everything goes as planned as any teacher can tell you....  So we had the experiment all set up went through the steps and were ready to make our launchers and conduct the experiment, except for one small hitch :(

CHEAP SUPPLIES!  Ok I know that I bought them, but give me a break- I didn't think it would matter!  I could not be more wrong- the cups I used were too thin (even though they were plastic) and the balloons were too small (there are sizes apparently?!).  

Needless to say...we had a nice lesson on how sometimes experiments fail or do not go as planned, luckily ours was completely fixable.

So I wanted to make sure if anyone did these in their classrooms you want to get the right supplies: 

12 in balloons (Walmart works fine)
Plastic cups ( I used teal Solo cups- off brand didn't hold up so well)

Without further ado here are some further instructions and pictures from our experiment today. 

excerpt from Super Science Experiments you can find here  (70+ experiments).....all fo' FREE


Pulled back!!!!!!


Love the expression on their faces! See that one over our back bulletin board!!!

Important to note, we laid down some solid ground rules of safety: 

1. no eating
2. follow directions
3. straight in backpack and throw away marshmallow when done!
4. Never point at people!

I gave no warnings...if you didn't follow the experiment safely, you just had to watch. (I'm terribly mean..hehe)

Want some additional materials besides directions?! Check out this packet- all with BALLOON Experiments!  How fun!

What else have I been up to? Looking for struggling unmotivated writers- check this out!


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