Story Elements! and a Writing FREEBIE

Here are some anchor charts we've been working on lately: 

MAD EXCITING - click here to see more and an AWESOME video!

Can you tell I love having a focus for Daily 5 time, they have to find a story element in their books and write about it!   We did this for plot too!

Plot roller coaster- we did the motions and everything during whole group and small group!

I think this really helped the tactile learners in our classroom!  So much fun!

Cause and Effect (we started today)  

I can already tell how much fun this is going to be!  Stay tuned for what else we found to really make this super fun to teach!

All of these anchor charts were inspired from Pinterest!  Click on the side to check out my Pinterest boards!

and just because....I totally forgot to make this until's a free writing cover if you are looking for one.  graphics are from

Here's a free writing cover we are using for our next unit!  Feel free to grab a copy and just click on the picture below!

This is Hollywood themed and is going to great with our Paparazzi themed Author Celebration coming up! 


What are some ways you teach story elements in your classroom???

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