Look what we did today!

Story Elements!

We started out with this super fun HIP HOP video!  Yes hip hop - what better way to get the attention of 21 second graders first thing in the morning!

The chorus was not only stuck in my head, but also every group I met with!!!!  It went over so well!!!

So gearing up for our weekly quiz we created this anchor chart:

Look at our Mad Exciting Poster!!!

Close ups: 

We did so awesome with coming up with different story elements while we worked on Daily 5!  I loved giving them something specific to focus on while they were still doing their respective jobs! I really want to incorporate this Post-It tactic into other areas as well-

how easy is it to check for grades and to make sure every student is understanding?!

Now go watch the video!!!

I also worked on a scientific method/inquiry lesson for next week!  Take a peek and click the pic to head to my TpT store!

The students are sure to love this!!

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  1. Hi! Just started following your blog. Very cute. Love your Mad Exciting poster.

    -Ms. H. :)
    Live, Love, Laugh in 2nd Grade


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