#Hashtag Emoji Awards

I'm so excited to use these new awards this year in my classroom!  They will work for ANY grade level and the kids love them because of how "trendy" they are!

With over 30+ templates there is something for each student in your class!  It even comes with a end of year fill in sheet complete with : 

  • fill in story
  • emoji circle
  • School preference 
  • Hashtags for your school year
  • Timehop of favorite memory

I print the memory page on the back of all my awards so the students have their awards and memories together + it is a great fill in activity for the end of the year!

Click any of the pictures to check out more details about these #hashtag Emoji Awards


  1. I would like a jar topper hots.

  2. Do you have a link for the awards? :)



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