Prefix Patients

Are you looking for a way engage students in content?! Why not let them be doctors?!

This is one of my favorite classroom transformations!  Prefix patients gives students a chance to communicate and practice the meaning of prefixes to make words with self checking patient charts!

FIRST - students work with partners and get a patient they must help.  One student is the doctor and one the assistant.  The doctor reads the first ailment - "broken jaw" (see above)

SECOND - the assistant goes to the injuries pages posted around the room. In light boxes if you want the "xray look"  He or she uses the clues under the broken jaw and goes to the prefix and root words below to figure out what word matches. 

The words for all the ailments fit in a paragraph on the patient chart that the student can check to see if they make sense and if they made the words properly.

Then they switch for the 2nd patient.  This could easily be one with 1 student at a time. I just only have enough gowns for half my class so we work together and switch. 

This is so easy to pull off: 

- sheet trays!
- gloves and masks from our school nurse (or ask a local doctor to donate)
- goggles (our science closet)
-gowns (donated from a doctor office that I use yearly)
- I bring in tweezers and sanitizer and stethoscope from school or my house

Check out what is included below: 

- patient chart covers
-doctor badges 
- diplomas!

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