Verbs in the News!

We quickly glossed over verbs before moving on to other parts of speech because verbs are once again something my students come to me knowing!

We started by watching the Flocabulary video - Verbs!  We love Flocabulary!!  We worked on an anchor chart the difference between action, linking, and helping verbs!

After a couple short review days I wanted to know we were ready to move on.  Since Noun Restaurants (creating menus and highlighting nouns) went so well I thought we could surely do something for verbs too!

Students received a "School News" template with a picture prompt.

Students also had to pull a "your story must contain" card. 

They then wrote about what happened in a news article format including the 3 different sections - which gave us a wide variety of verb types.

After writing we went back and highlighted verb types - action, linking, and helping verbs in the article in different colors. 

Students were begging for me even before we finished!  They loved how creative and a little silly it was!  

Below is an example of a picture prompt a student might receive. 

Below is the anchor chart we glued in our notebook for verbs.  Students referenced this throughout the week and was great to have for further in the year! It makes it handy to have all in one spot. 

If you liked the chart above - you can grab all the pictures by clicking on the picture below!

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