Setting in the Elementary Classroom

This might be my favorite book I've found since really up-ing my picture book game! This is excellent for setting as each person in the family vividly describes their favorite place and how it all ties together with a new sibling.  So Precious!!

 This book is great for details that reflect the setting.  You can feel the imagery used as if you were actually there.  It provides great discussion points as well!

This story is so heart warming.  Not only does it have a great lesson but is set in a place that is intriguing.  Students dive right in and are caught up immediately.  Paying close attention to details leads to a great discussion of setting.

My Great-Aunt Arizona is an awesome nonfiction book to use with setting.  I love getting the chance to use nonfiction in this context.  The places/time period discussed are easy to connect with history and backing them up with text evidence is a great bonus.

  Silver Packages is a great story! I love the imagery in this book.  It's a fun story set in Northeast region of the United States.  The change of setting for a short time in the book is a great focus as well.  A boy receives packages each year by a mysterious donor and it follows his life as he learns a lesson coming full circle.

I love finding details to support setting and focusing on the time, place, and year, season, date --- all of the parts that show exactly what the setting is. 

All 5 of these stories are available in a QR Listening center in my store.  There are also available to listen to on Youtube. 

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