Point of View in the Elementary Classroom

Below are some of my favorite books to teach Point of View! Don't have them in your library? Listen to them on Youtube as read alouds.  Still great opportunity for modeling and stopping and taking notes.  We does this a couple times a week to focus on a skill or these are also available in a listening center 

Two Bad Ants is a great and funny story following 2 ants and some trouble they get into. Written from the ants' perspective it is great to introduce this concept!

I, Doko is a beautifully written story with a simple and thoughtful message.  This book is timeless and really hits the heart of readers.  It adds a great cultural perspective for students as well and can bring up many discussions.

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs is quickly becoming a classic.  This fractured fairy tale sheds light on the wolf's feelings in the story.  Such a unique story really easily helps identify point of view.

 A. Lincoln and Me is a great story that touches on historical notes while focusing on point of view.  The main character recounts similarities between himself and Lincoln.  Learning facts and searching for clues through this historical context is a great addition to a point of view study.

I love a 2nd person POV book and not many for upper elementary exist.  This book definitely fits the bill.  It engages students and gets the point across.  The tone (no matter who is reading) helps students realize 2nd person POV.  Such a fun read aloud to incorporate!

I love the Flocabulary Point of View song and using pictures to help determine and write our own point of views as well. Below is a link to the listening center with focused point of view questions for the stories above.

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