Library Events 2.0 with FREEBIE

I'm so excited to share these library event cards!

I stumbled upon the idea in a variety of places but originally from The thinker Builder - Michael has some fantastic posts that I can't believe I haven't found him before! Tara and Kelli also designed their own and I used some of their ideas for our classroom!

Basically these cards will go in the adhesive 3.5x3.5 pockets from Dollar spot I have put up on our whiteboard calendar.  These could easily just be tacked up with anything though.  On the back of the cards are the descriptions of the event in case I would forget!  Here are the 18 I included for our class this year!

I plan to do these maybe 1 a week for a couple a month - nothing to heavily planned but just to keep interest in our library! Are there any others I should add?

You can download using the link below - I left editable because my printer feed backwards on other side so you might have to move the text boxes!

Here is where you can download a copy - here - I left in Powerpoint since there is no clipart and you can change the fonts if you choose.  I used KG Skinny Latte, the Fighter and Fall for you.


  1. I saw the same posts and wanted to do this so I'm VERY GLAD you made these!! Problem when I downloaded it, the description cards all shifted. Any ideas on how I can get it loaded right?

  2. I have the same problem. I haven't printed it, but it doesn't look right on the screen after downloading. Suggestions?

  3. I love them too! I just changed the font size and repositioned the text to fit. It works. Then I saved it as a powerpoint.

  4. This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing. I downloaded the fonts you mentioned above and the cards worked great for me. Although I couldn't find Fall For You. Strange, huh? All worked out though and SOOOO appreciative of your wonderful idea and great cards. Thanks again!


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