Grammar Surgery Day Transformation!

Grammar Surgery Day was an unforgettable day in our classroom! This worked as a comprehensive review of many different standards we learned in grammar this year.  It was relatively low cost and we had donations that helped as well.  I'll try and walk you through the steps of what we did.

Checklist available at end of post! Diplomas printed just from a Google search.  Masks were donated. 

The small glue sticks were from Dollar Tree.  Gloves, gowns, and masks were donated by our local clinic! We kept them in relatively good shape so we can use next year.  The hand sanitizer and bandaids were just from our first aid kit   --- all placed on cookie sheets from my house. 

Here's another look at some of our supplies. 

Students came in and received a gown and doctor badge.  You can download my doctor badges here - I created unique titles for all my students based on their interest and just used pictures we had from earlier in the year.

I had all the surgeries laid out on the back table with the supplies needed for each. We had 3 "operating rooms" with the students working in groups.  

These were just Dollar Tree table cloths!! Really cheap.  I had the students divided into groups on the board and we took our "hippocratic" oath and got our pre-op instructions before we got started .

They set off to work and I monitored the rotations to make sure the groups all weren't doing the same one.  I bounced between surgeries and they had to get their score/check off before moving on to the next one.  I had answer keys ready and if they made more than 5 errors they had to stop look it over and fix it.  I also had to make sure that each team member was working - which was tough for a couple of my kids.  

It might not look like much but those 9 surgeries involved: 

1.  suturing vocab words to defintions
2. stapling figurative language words, definitions, and examples
3. using noodles to punctuate dialogue
4.  color coding parts of speech 
5.  blood typing  ordering adjectives 

and more !!

Check out these 2 documents for planning! 

I kept all the envelopes for next year and copies to make sure we can do it again.  I had such a great day and the kids had a blast.  It took us about 3 hours to complete all the surgeries.


  1. Not sure if it is just me/my computer, but I can't see any pictures in this post. :(

  2. It should be fixed now! I was trying to link but it didn't work so I just uploaded. Hope this is something you can do with your class!

  3. Oh my gosh, what an amazing memorable event in your classroom! I love it. I would love to try this out in my classroom too. Grammar is just not that exciting to teach and you have found a great way to excite kids about it. I'm so excited about this! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. This is fantastic! I love these kinds of big magical teaching experiences that makes it memorable for kids. Really want to do this this year (I'll be a first year teacher). Did every student have the pages with the 9 sheets or did they work together as a group on all nine surgeries? So fun!!

  5. Wow! This looks AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  6. Amber,
    My colleague and I set this up for our 5th graders at Hambright Elementary School. They LOVED it. They said they didn't know grammar could be so fun! Thank you for the idea and inspiration. Are you on Twitter? I'd love to give you credit in my tweet.
    Beth Martin

  7. What did you use for the brain surgery and the left hand surgery?

  8. Where can I find all of these resources?!

  9. I did this with my students and they absolutely loved it. I got the gloves, masks, and coats donated so very little cost to transform my room. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  10. I am looking forward to running this transformation in my classroom soon. However, I am not able to see the puzzle pieces that are needed for the brain surgery. Mind helping me out with this? Thanks in advance!

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