NO PREP Listening Center

So I've been seriously trying to think of a way to incorporate a listening center into my classroom and was coming up blank!! I spend way TOO much money on books but could not justify purchasing a listening device or way to listen to books with the headphones as well --- then managing it??? I may have had nightmares!!

My heart ached.  I know the 3rd grade teacher (yes 1 teacher at each grade level) has an awesome and stocked full listening center so my fourthies are used to and miss this reading interaction.  Plus - I truly believe as well the benefits of it.

I racked my brain over and over until finally something clicked.  We are a SUPER SMALL school and I have 2 iPads in my room and I thought there must be something I can do.  Well - I bring you the NO PREP listening center!

Let me back up and tell you how our reading goes to see how this works in our classroom.  We do genre studies every month and focus on a specific skill each week.  Summarizing is something we do towards the beginning of the year because we need that skill all year long.

I worked on these listening center mats as a way to listen to reading and still get in some rigorous practice.  I wrote multiple choice questions based on each skill about that story.  One iPad and you're good to go!!  Students can even check answers with the QR codes as well.

I have my students do these as a center and they work in pairs to complete.  I stress how important it is to discuss answers with your partner.  The discussions are UNBELIEVABLE!! I make sure since they are partners to do the questions first then check answers.

I teach 4th and most of the stories read are in the upper third grade reading level since they are rigorous questions and they only listened - great practice for the listening portion of testing as well!

If they miss more than 2 they redo another card/book with me later in the week to reinforce the skill.

You could use these in a variety of ways.

Here's one up close and personal!  Notice the QR codes, questions, and the references on the bottom.

*The cards do have a written web link as well if you don't have access to QR readers.  The answer keys are included as well to help if you don't have QR readers. *

  Also if you are like me and have heard of EPIC but never went on - I encourage you do it! FREE for educators and 1000s of books!  My kids enjoy reading on the iPads during silent reading time and there are some great books to listen to as well!

*** IF YOUR SCHOOL DOES AR - the reading level, points, and quiz number are on the bottom -- don't get me started on my opinion of AR but our school does that info is included and I picked books that would work for the skill and still be testable. ***

What other reading skills would you like to see these for? I plan on doing them for a variety and keep it as a center for as much of the year as I can!

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