QR Science Fair with FREEbie

Raise your hand if you love to incorporate technology!  I try - we only have 10 iPads to share with the WHOLE school so it can be tough. I actually planned this projects far enough in advance to get them 1 hour a whole week!  This was a highlight of my 5th grade science class - a QR science fair.

We use these planning sheets - you can grab them here. This includes a rubric.  We did a certain amount of required work at home and then filmed the experiments after we wrote scripts and I initialed their scientific method sheets.

They used  iMovie to create movies or trailers including all parts of scientific method and then air dropped the movies to me.  I uploaded to Youtube where you only can use link to view and we specifically did not use names in our films and only coded titles even if they could be found for safety.

Each student went home with a sheet similar to the one below so they could view everyone's project and  we had a day in class to watch and show younger students who would get a chance to do it next year. This was such a hit! They could be easily viewed at home - they got to be creative with the editing and learned a lot about iMovie - they got to send me work elecronically (rural teacher win!) - parents could see quality of work as well.

This really got them involved in the scientific method before testing when it is really needed as well.  We talk and do experiments all year but this really helped them see it for themselves.!

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