Monster Metaphors

I have been slowly working in figurative language concepts over the past few weeks gearing up for our poetry unit!  My students love these fun ways to get to practice those skills.  We learned all about similes and metaphors and made these metaphor monsters.

You should have heard my class when I announced Metaphor Monsters!! It was a chorus of "yay!" and "Yeah!"  They really like them and I love how it is a great introduction or addition to figurative language.

The only problem we had with metaphor was coming up with stems.  We couldn't use like or as so they were trickier but luckily I included a sheet for you and an example.

I found some creative metaphors we don't normally see and many students used them as well. 
  Above is the sample I created.

My students loved the "My monster is the __________ of ______________" just like my first line.  We talked about how that meant comparing just not stating so. 

Below are some samples from our class. 

We added the fun element of getting a random setting as well for our monsters.  This gave us more to write about as well and was really funny for pictures.  Definitely not necessary but since we were studying setting at the time it made sense and made us focus on details as well. 

Stay tuned for more figurative language art coming up! You can click any of the pictures or find these in my store!

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