GENIUS Thank you Card Idea

Are you wanting to show the importance of a thank you to your students? Try this!!

We recently had a field trip to our State Capitol - I contact our representative's office to get scheduling worked out and she always is so kind and meets with us there as well.  We had a thank you for our bus driver and our scheduler.

I had students write down SOMETHING THEY LEARNED!

Bonus - We get to discuss the reason for the trip and all they learned.  Then on the bottom of the card I write "Because of you we learned all this."

It brought tears to the lady's heart and I know our driver appreciated it too.  It takes a lot to schedule and get field trips organized and happen but this can work with any situation.  I really stress showing gratitude at all times and I love how easy this is to do!!

What do you do to show gratitude in your room? I'm thinking this would make a great idea for a co-teacher towards Teacher Appreciation Week (for the hour I have another class since we departmentalize)

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