Text Based Evidence - 4th grade

I wanted to get more into Text Based Evidence this year and really make it a focus. I know my students do it in a really basic way but this year I really wanted to dig deep from the beginning and  make it a priority! 

I found these awesome response sheets from Teaching in Flip Flops, and for my students this really works because they NEED this scaffolding to build that learning. 

We started with the question of "What makes a book?" and had a great discussion.  I had them read "Flotsam"  (book with no words) and write a summary on a Post - it.

Next we researched what Flotsam meant and used an extended response as a class to answer the question, "How does the title of Flotsam fit the book?" I think this was even more challenging because they had to really use picture clues and inference what was happening.  Doing it all together made them feel comfortable with the format.

I just LOVE that book - the illustrations and message etc...

We talked about our Prove It board and how they could use the colorful starters in their reading response to better prove to me how that exactly answered the question from the text.   

Next we read another David Wiesner book, "Art and Max" which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It does have words and the illustrations are mind blowing!  

In groups they had to do an extended reading response on their own.  Turning the question around, using proof, then explaining and concluding.

We answered "How is the theme of friendship evident in Art and Max?"  

They did such a great job especially for the first time!  I can't wait to use these sheets more and extend them into our weekly stories or books they read on their own.  I think starting with pictures books and tough concepts like theme shows rigor but in a manageable way at first. 

This lesson was one that I think my students got a lot out of and I plan to use again.  It shows the level of responses straight from the first week and what I expect.  

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  1. Thanks for the great looking lesson. I am not familiar with these two books, so I will get my hands on them to give this a try. I want to do a better job too this year with text evidence...thanks for sharing.


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