Shelfie Thinglink Project

I have seen the idea of a "shelfie" floating around and knew I really wanted to incorporate that this year in my reading classes.   I set some guidelines for this project and am SO HAPPY with how it turned out!   I have loved seeing my students as readers and how much they can tell me from day 1!

They had to come up with
1) favorite book from childhood
2) favorite books from last year 
3) book they didn't like - lets me know they try knew things
4) books they already want to read this year
5) Book that made me change or think

We used planning sheets to think about books and any we needed to gather - these could easily be taken in the library with easy access to lots of books

We only spent one day in the lab working on these that's how easy it was on Thinglink!  I love that ITS FREE! and so easy to use - even for day 1 fourth grade students!

I see so many benefits with these and how it starts off my relationship with them as readers-  I embedded ours on our website after finishing to share with parents.

You can grab this for just a couple bucks for the planning sheets, writing template, and rubric or just go for it yourself!

Here's my example - no laughs please :)

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  1. I LOVE this, Amber!! I totally want to do this when the kids return. Thanks for the idea!
    The Techie Teacher


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