my FAVORITE hilarious Preposition Activity!

I love incorporating anything funny into my teaching!! Ugh prepositions - I still remember memorizing them in elementary school and it was so not fun.  With this being on the CCSS and therefore our state testing I knew I needed to hit it and make it stick. My students will tell you this was one of the most memorable activities we did in grammar the entire year!!  They loved this activity you can do with literally NO SUPPLIES!!

I introduce prepositions using Flocabulary and their preposition video is particularly catchy - Prep, prep, prep, preposition - tells about a thing and its position.  My kids could still quote it for you. I also gave them a small copy of common prepositions to refer to when we first started working with them because there are so many!

All you need are notecards or you could just do it on paper.  I have the students write a subject and a verb (animals work best) on one notecard and then turn in to me and then they write a prepositional phrase on another notecard.  I let them use the reference sheet if they need to.  After I have both sets I mix them up and flip over one sentence card and one prepositional phrase card at a time.

They glue them on a sheet of paper and draw the picture to match.  They love hearing the combinations because of how funny they sound. 

It was a really quick and easy reinforcement exercise that used some creatively as well.  A few of the sentences we had to add a word for it to make sense but they were still silly so it worked. 

The basset hound laid above the house. 

Do you have any tricks for teaching prepositions? I'd love to hear more. 

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