Grandparents Day Project Ideas 2015

First up if missed this post last year - here is are some great/HILARIOUS ideas to start off Grandparents Day this year.  Pic below is linked to what I did last year.

I'm changing it up some this year because of how much time we get with grandparents and I want to use it wisely.

First up, I created this Kindercraze inspired tree.  I was really proud of it and it was the inspiration for other creations we came up with for celebrating this year.  I literally just cut random black strips of bulletin board paper and then up with glue dots it went.  Those leaves - just circles - even this completely unartistic gal got it together!

Here is a closeup of the frames hanging from the tree.  We put pictures in so far just drawing then adding real pictures once grandparent's day happens! 

Free frame from TPT (Creative Clips) and just added words

One of the activities will be completely the answers to these questions on Grandparent's day comparing then and now.  I'm excited to see the answers and the students already have some guesses, but we can't wait to get to them till next Friday. 

I love that this will tie in with our curriculum!

They will be attaching to our big hallway tree outside when complete (fingers crossed) 

FREE printable about "Thumb" body that comes with different numbers as well from Who Arted.  I love that I got to use stamp pads just something cutesy and I haven't done in awhile.  I plan to write letters and cover parts of a letter to grandparents on the back to give to them upon their arrival. 

 Can't forget this old favorite.  We used the Old Fart Booth (FREE) app again this year and made ourselves old! Which of course again was HILARIOUS! We stepped it up this year and I came up with showcasing them this way as a 50 year reunion for that class.

We also used the Grandparent Name Generator to give ourselves names as well - such a fun addition

There you have it!  Many activities to prepare yourselves for Grandparent's Day this year!  I hope you can use some of these in your classroom.  

How do you connect with grandparents and make them feel special?

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