First Day Activities - Goal Setting With Post Its!

We recently went back to school!  One of my goals was to start learning right from the beginning or close.  I wanted to students to know why we were here, not many get the opportunity to focus on that.  I posed the question - why do we go to 4th grade?   - on our whiteboard.  I wanted them to specifically focus on our grade rather than school. 

Each student got a Post It and wrote down their answer.  They stuck their Post it on underneath the question up on the board.  

Then using the FREE Post IT app I took a picture of the Post Its. 

Ya'll it scans them in and puts checkmarks on them then arranges them in a board!! It is fantastic!!  Then I can group them, rename and even make them straight - all in about 15 seconds! 

We read each response then made groups with similar themes - as you can see below our themes were "moving on - to get to higher grades", "learning" and "responsible"

Then I challenged groups to come up with a sentence to answer the question using all three parts we came up with!  I WAS AMAZED!  We shared answers and came up with this answer as a class. We all signed the poster as well showing our dedication to our goal this year. 

I plan to refer to this throughout the year for many occasions.  If for instance, I get asked "Why are we doing this?" I'll point to this and explain.  or "I'm not smart enough".  We specifically said we were smart and that is why we are here in 4th grade!  (which I loved!) 

We have a reason to be here that we created together using everyone's answers.  I really loved how this gave us a focus for the year!  

Below is just another example of how the app works - I plan to use it quite a bit during the year...what could you use it for???

IT'S FREE AND EASY!  Click the picture + create a board + organize! 

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