GLOW SCIENCE - Summer Camp Day 1

I know this series has been way late in the making but I promise it was for a good reason.  My poor little man was sick and hospitalized with RSV for a week in June - it definitely put a kink in my plans but I was glad to be off and have time with him!  I'm glad to say we are all back on track and ready to bring you some science action. 

Here's a rundown of what we learned about and covered on our first day of Summer Science Camp.

 Of course first we covered what we know about glowsticks.  We made a K, W, L chart about what we knew.  We transitioned into what else we knew that glowed.  

I showed the class how glowsticks work using gloves and some of the big glowsticks (from campfire section) and cut them open to reveal the part and I break the glass tube in the other tub safely before combining liquids to reveal the reaction.  

The students love learning about how all this works.  This video goes pretty indepth but gives you the idea of what is going on. 

Next we experiment with temperature and how if affects glowsticks - hot vs. cold.  This is something I did in class this year but yields great discussions.  you can see some of my past posts by clicking the links. 

This video shows the process and talks more about the science behind what is happening again. 

We used highlighters to write messages and light up with blacklights.  We also saw what glows under blacklights just from the clothes we are wearing.  They love this!!

Of course, no Glow Day would be complete without making GLOW SLIME!

All those funky orange blobs are our slime!

Ours glowed really well after putting it to a black light - such a cool extension.

Most of the experiments we did this summer still revolve around this resource I created quite some time back. Check it out for further ideas and instructions. IT'S FREE!! 

Thanks for sticking around - make sure to pin these posts and ideas and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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