I bet just the name sends shivers down your spine!!  What an incredibly fun day we had.  Learning about some chemical reactions and creating some of our own!!  Check out what we did: 

We started off with Elephant Toothpaste.  This one is always new to students and they love it because they can be close and there are lots of jobs for them to do!  

Below is a cool version of this experiment that the students loved watching!  We talk about exothermic reaction and how it is a chemical change vs. physical change and how we know because of the heat.  and the products are entirely different than what we started with. 

Next up we made pop rocks potion!  This experiment is great for any age.  Although no real explosion was involved we bring up what is happening in the reaction (lemon juice and baking soda create bubbles) 

We end with the classic Coke and Mentos experiment.  We look at what makes Mentos so good for before we shoot it off.  We guess and head outside to watch the geysers.  I drop only 5 Mentos not a whole roll because then it only goes 7-10 ft high which is plenty :) 

We also shot off my PVC rocket that my dad built for us! It is powered by an air compressor and the kids loved comparing and contrasting all our rockets.    It can literally go over 100 ft! - SO COOL! Even I'm impressed with this one every time. 

We also did a baking soda and vinegar one we had in a kit awhile back. 

Most of the experiments again are from this resource I created below.  Feel FREE to grab this FREE resource and leave me some feedback. 


  1. That looks like so much fun! I love science experiments. I haven't taught it the last few years because I am the social studies teacher on my team, and I miss it desperately! Awesome free resource- I am going to send the link to my team's science teacher. Thanks!

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