DISGUSTING SCIENCE - Summer Science Day 6

EEEWWW, GROSSS, I love hearing those comments in science.  It's not often we get to even touch on some funny gross science, so this day is pretty special.

We have some articles we read to go along with this day from Scholastic.  

The first activity we do is Petri Dish swabs.  We make the solution together and decide what we want to swab.  We make sure we all don't test the same thing.  We are literally growing bacteria!  Make sure to keep them covered in some way even just cling wrap laid over top of bowl so that nothing contaminates your samples.  

Next up we make SNOT of course.  We talk about how our snot helps our bodies then make a fun version for ourselves.  

This was like our slime recipe only runnier.  I really would have liked to use the clear glue but could not find it in the gallon size :(  major bummer - that would have made it definitely look snot like.

We also read that body bugs article and it was so gross.  Many of the students didn't know we had that many bugs live on/in us to help us. We had a great discussion about how not all bugs are bad. 

We also blew the rice Krispies in our snot/boogers and talking about how boogers catch dust and actually help us!  Cool and icky at the same time. 

Most of the experiments again are from this resource I created below.  Feel FREE to grab this FREE resource and leave me some feedback. 

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