COLOR SCIENCE - Summer Science Day 7

This day is so much fun! You can also add a chromatography experiment in here as well just with coffee filters and different color markers.  

We started off with the milk and coloring experiment using different kinds of milk.  This was a great experiment is explained great in the video below. 

It is so easy and I love the change of different types of milk.  It adds more guessing to the day.
The top 2 were some glue one that we did.


Below is one of regular milk.  We also tried cream because I had it on hand.  It didn't act a whole lot different but was cool to see.

Next we have shaving cream art.  This one is not strictly science related but I love a little art too and these prints are so much fun!!  

Seriously these look so cool - you can also do this with Easter eggs too!

Next up we do a bleach and food coloring experiment.  This is great and easy for school just make sure the adult is the one handling the bleach.  It is great for learning about mixing.  The video below illustrates it pretty well.

We tried all the secondary colors - purple, green, and orange to see what would happen when bleach was added.  It was so interesting to see.  I found myself saying, "oh cool!"  and watching how the colors changed.  Many did not think that it would be reversed but using our knowledge of how bleach works and the video above we figured out what was happening. 

Most of the experiments again are from this resource I created below.  Feel FREE to grab this FREE resource and leave me some feedback. 

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