Firework Card REwork! April Fools FREEbie as well!

I'm back from my hiatus and wanted to share a few things I've been working on !  I have so much more on Instagram (SSSTeaching) and my FB page if you have been seeing what I've been on, but with the 4month old little else is being kept up with.  Teaching has been going SO WELL!  Now getting into testing season, everything is getting crazy busy!!

First is a April Fools Reading Passage and FREEBIE.  I even learned a few things researching this and I really do enjoy this holiday - as long as jokes are completely harmless.

Click on the picture if you want to check it out.  Not exactly the prettiest but it's what I've got time for.  We need a little test prep break and I tried to get some critical thinking in there.

Next up I finally fixed some Fireworks cards I did a couple years ago.  I tried and couldn't replicate MY OWN DIRECTIONS! Seriously ;( Major fail.  Something was missing. I spent a couple days thinking and I believe figured it out!  check out this 3 easy ingredient fun project!!

all you need: dishsoap, oil and food coloring 

some sturdy paper to put the coloring on as well. 

Drop the food coloring in, then use a toothpick dipped in a little soap to make pretty designs in the oil.  (I put just a little oil in a pan) lay the paper on top then let paper dry on some paper towels to create these beautiful designs.  I have a video prepped for summer school on why this works but for right now I'm happy I figured out how to make them!

They look so intricate and fun! The kids LOVE these! Hope you get a chance to try them out! 

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