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Our next genre is Traditional Literature.  We just finished studying theme in various stories and literature circle groups now are moving into folktales.

I found a few different resources for studying the different types of traditional literature but I wanted some way for my students to keep them all organized.

I created this Interactive Tab Book to keep straight the different types of folktales when we were discussing them.  It gives definitions, characteristics, and examples along with practice for each type.

The best part is that the book has QR codes! Each page contains a QR code that links to a video example of that folktale.  This can help students who need a refresher or have not heard that story before.  I was amazed at how many students didn't know Robin Hood or Paul Bunyan! This was great for them to explore! 


They were so engaged  the whole time and we took quite awhile to do this.  Next year, I'll probably plan it over 2 days but I didn't reserve the iPad lab enough ahead this year.  Here's some pictures of us - getting our tech on! QR readers were easy to use and familiar with my students, if your class needs a refresher there are some great FREE apps and videos to show - extremely easy to use!

There are pages for legend, fairytale, tall tale, fable and myth.  We're starting with myths first and some of my boys just read Percy Jackson so I know they are excited to start this!  These tab books are great for interactive notebooks or as an easy to use stand alone resource. 

What's your favorite folktale to teach and why? We'll be continuing are study of theme with these stories since it fits so well!

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  1. I love how you added a technology component to this! I've added this to my wish list for the next TPT sale!! :)


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