Ordering Adjectives!

Looking at the new CCSS standards, I realized that teaching the correct order of adjectives was in the 4th grade curriculum as a language standard.  Mostly this seems to be pretty common sense but can be a little tricky when more than 2 adjectives are involved.  I created some great HILARIOUS resources to help with this concept.  You can check them out below:

This pack has A TON of great engaging activities that are perfect for any classroom! Below you can see with our flip book a great way to start the unit with an explanation, examples, and space to practice these types of adjectives. 

A color by adjective page is included - such a fun quick assessment to see if students know what type of adjective each is which will in turn help them put them in the correct order!  My students had so much fun with coloring and it was easy to grade to see if the colors matched - we had some great discussions about the adjectives and it was very low pressure! 


this reference poster comes in the pack! Great for quick reference and went along with our flip books!

More great activities are included as well! Cutting and pasting sentences in order! Sorting adjectives by type (great for groups, individual or whole class), describing pictures, describing favorites, and my personal favorite - pass it on pictures.

Seriously, this was one of the funniest moments of the year so far.  We used the template below and students filled in the first block and passed to the right, when you got yours back you illustrated what it was.   We had so many hilarious pictures. 

12 elderly gray monkeys

large round metal Barbies

4 old spotted turtles...the list could go on and on..

At first, this standard scared me, but after finding do so many creative activities not to mention a fun assessment that is included, my students have mastered it!

You can some parts separately: 

or save $$$ and buy the bundle that includes 5 additional activities for less than the price of all 3 put together

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