No more BORING seatwork!!

 It's a dreaded battle....seatwork... Students aren't itching for it, honestly I don't like to give it unless necessary.  Most seatwork is used to practice or eventually assess a skill that we have been working on.  Introducing a concept I like to do an activity, use short clips, or some way to get moving.  Alas...practice of the skill usually comes in the form of worksheet, questions from book, homework, etc...

It is inevitable that it will happen in your classroom at some point or another...more often in the older grades.  I want my students to keep their kid like happiness or innocence at least until after their year with me (4th grade) so we have some ways to spice up seatwork in our room!  Check it out and see if they can benefit your room - trust me you will earn some major cool points.

The premise involves choosing a fun or different way to work in you seat!  There are many methods of doing so, I use the Decide Now app it costs a dollar but well worth the editing capabilities! Just a spinner that you can change the labels! It's very easy to use and displays great on the Smartboard, the fun sound doesn't hurt either. My students were asking all day... Can we spin again? 

You could certainly use a smart board spinner, online tool, draw slips or paper even!!

All these are FREE fun options...and I remind my students...a privilege! 

  • - NO shoes - self explanatory
  • - reverse in chair - flip chair around to work (we loved this one today)
  • - last ? First, sometimes starting from the end switches the dynamic
  • - cool tools, use pens or special designated tools for assignment 
  • - on floor - work around room 
  • -under desks - a definite favorite until your students get so big (you cold modify and have them complete like Picasso with just head under desk writing upside down)
  • - partners they choose
  • - partners I choose
  • - groups-just table groups we have already makes it easy
  •  switch seat with number before you
  • switch seats with number after you
  • work on top of desks
  • work with feet up on desks
  • work with music
  • work on dry erase boards
  • work by flashlights

I know not all of these would apply to every assignment, but changing it up really helps my class.  They are responsible enough to stay on task otherwise they don't participate. 

Do you have any others to add to the list? How do you spice up seatwork in your classroom?


  1. Great ideas! The spinner puts a super fun *spin* on it. :)

  2. Sitting on pillows with a partner in the hall.


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