Poetry Portfolio Lapbook Assessment

Are you studying poetry anytime soon?! If so, you need this resource! I have been planning my maternity leave and am so sad that I won't get to teach my students poetry! :( 

Super sad face!

I realized after planning all my lessons, checking with Common Core, and state standards that I wanted some assessment that would be fun for my students and a twist on the traditional group of poems.  

My students have fallen in love with lapbooks and this is little gem is no exception.  They have spotted it in my plans and can't wait to get started on poetry just for this reason!

 The front cover is easy to color for each student.  The back contains a foldable to show what students know of 6 common figurative language terms.  They just lift the flaps to give examples or defintions!  The bottom lets them choose a sample poem or write their own to show knowledge of  line, stanza, rhyme, and rhyme scheme. 
The inside provides opportunities for students to showcase their poetry with 7 different poem options - click the picture for more information.  This is a perfect end project for your poetry unit and one your students can keep for years to come!  
I even included my sample poems all typed up for easy printing and assembly by you!

Leave a comment with your favorite poem or type of poem to teach or why you like poetry and I'll pick a comment to get this resource for free!


  1. I love to teach the Diamante Poem! My kids like the Acrostic poems better. =) Thanks for this chance.

  2. I love teaching the Haiku and the Cinquain My students love poetry. They get right in there and can't wait to share their poems with their classmates. Your Poetry Portfolio product looks fun & engaging. I'm going to Wish-List. Thanks for a chance to win.

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  4. This looks great! We are just starting poetry. Love the Cinquain.

  5. What a wonderful idea. Last year I tried a different approach to getting my class excited about poetry. I started off with a basic list form poetry. This really allowed the student to brainstorm for future poems. Surprisingly when we attempted to write shape poems, the students were really able to develop very creative poems. Each student published their very own book of poetry to close out the unit. I was extremely impressed on how much the students enjoyed the poetry unit.

  6. Awesome !!! beth_guilloty@hotmail.com


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