Calling all 4th Grade Teachers...State Capitol Lapbook

If you teach 4th grade (or whatever grade you study state history) need this resource!

We recently went on a field trip to our state Capitol where every 4th grade goes each year.  It was great and I think I learn something new each time I go.  I wanted the trip to be meaningful for my students and I have a class that loves to learn so this was a great opportunity.  

We researched some aspects of the Capitol before we went so we knew a brief history and we studied our state government chapter before we went.  We also prepared a couple thoughtful questions about what we wanted to know more about.  

These lapbooks coordinate perfectly with our learning connecting government and our trip in a reflecting manner as well!  Click on the pictures if you want to check it out!

Here's the inside middle, front and back of the lapbooks! 

Anytime we get to cut, glue, write, use name it....we are engaged.  My students had fun filling out all the parts all while gearing up for our trip.

Reflecting on our trip was also crucial. All the aspects of the lapbook really brought out learning together from the chapter and connecting to our field trip.  What a fun way to round it all out!

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