Talk like a Pirate Day... BEST day EVER!

Ahoy Mateys,

I woke up this morning forgetting all about National Talk like a Pirate Day.  I was stumbling through which prompt would be good for our Fun Fridays that still involved writing when I came upon this...

Can you say perfection?! I knew my students were going to have a ball with this! I went a little farther and even had this message on the board when they arrived :

You can downlaod the free Pirate Name Generator - here. or search on the web there are plenty out there!  I got the Pirate outlines for us to color - here! They turned out to be perfect and students could customize them and we added our pirate names somewhere on the person to identify us!
Onto the writing portion of our day: we used a slip from my Technology Exit Slips because it fit PERFECTLY with the prompt of Technology and Pirates!
I encouraged writing about how a modern day pirate would navigate and what changes would be from the time long ago.
I had this kid friendly pirate dictionary up to include pirate speak in our writing!

We used the map to hide a modern day treasure and wrote a short story about finding it using directions (we covered map skills previously) and then narrative skills including specific language.

Overall, it was one of the most creative and fun ways to combine writing and social studies.  The best part was how excited and engaged the students were! I even let them use their pirate names on papers as long as they had their number so I could identify their work! SO MUCH FUN!

This example from the original site I got the prompt from I thought was fantastic:

Here are some of our finished works: our stories are underneath the map when you lift it up! I absolutely love how they turned out! The maps and our "modern day" pirates were awesome!

For more pirate themed action in your room, check this pack out for the younger grades:

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